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Get personal. This is experiential river cruising, your way. From Europe to the Galapagos and Asia, Avalon is relaxed luxury with choices as many, and individual as you.

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The Amazon. The name alone conjures images of tantalising mystery and legends, whose 5.5 million square kilometer canopy seems impenetrable and its diversity unfathomable. Representing over half the world’s remaining rainforests, spilling into nine nations, it offers the ultimate atmosphere to feel renewal and wonder on a grand scale. Fall asleep lulled by the sounds of the jungle, go on a night canoe tour with a Naturalist, meet a native community, and even try your hand at piranha fishing. These are the types of experiences you’ll be dining out on for years to come. Feel the goosebumps, while re-forging your connection with nature in the Amazon with Cosmos.

Snapshot: Amazon
Official Language
Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish
Sparsely populated, scattered cities
US Dollars
Time Zone
Drives on the



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At Cosmos, we’re experts in ‘thrillology’ - the art of bringing you an experience, time and time again. With over 50 years of ‘wow’ under our belts and no sign of slowing down. We know how to make tours that you’ll never forget; creating the experience you’ve always dreamed of, and showing you the ones you never even thought of. Our job is to take the planning and logistics off your hands, so you can live your dreams.

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